With over 15 service centers across India, we have the largest service network in the nation.

Apparel Sector

Ramsons’ vast product range is used in every aspect of apparel production. The equipments we manufacture are used to store, inspect, cut and count fabric. We specialize in laundry, dyeing and fining equipments for garments. We are an IBR certified supplier of steam generation equipments. These equipments perfectly complement the Steam Pressing Equipments that we are renowned for. The Vertostar™ series of textile processing equipments are prevalent in every apparel exporter’s laundry.

We stay on the cutting edge of innovation and work with leading apparel designers to manufacture equipments that create the latest fashion trends while ensuring a minimal impact on the environment.

Ramsons has a dedicated team of close to 800 people all over India and abroad. We strive to create the most precisely engineered products and are also the market leaders in providing after sales service.