Social Responsibility

We believe, that to create a positive social impact we must have a focused approach, a goal to achieve and the technology to back our initiatives. We also need to reach those millions in remote corners of India who can benefit from Supra Energy Solutions. Hence, SupraEnergy partners with leading NGOs who know about the isolated millions desperately in need of our solutions. As partners we reach out together to "Light up their Lives."

“Light a Life Initiative” (LALI)

Supra Energy’s Outreach Program

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400 million (official figure of the Indian Gazette) of the 1.2 billion Indians have no access to electricity and hence no light. This is one of the major social issues faced by rural Indians that affects education and healthcare. Government alone, will require many more decades to fulfill these developmental needs. Private initiatives from individuals, organizations and NGOs can help accelerate the growth process. Su-Pra Energy is affiliated with KADAMBA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, an active NGO in the North Kanara District, Karnataka which has enlisted 11,000 people awaiting Light. Su-Pra energy is committed towards lighting up these 11,000 lives in the days to come.

Solar panels charge the lantern battery, thus eliminating the need for any other power source. The LED Lantern gives light for 6-10 hours per charge. Solar Panels and LEDs last a minimum of 15 years. Batteries last for 2-3 years. Lanterns are portable and rugged.

What is a childhood without the adventure found in books? Reading inspires the soul and ignites the Imagination! From sunshine to shadows - let there be light!