Durga Das-Dasstar Management

Durga Das

Durga Das is the Founder and Managing Partner of dasStar. She created dasStar as a vehicle to generate a new model of investing, enabling first entrant entrepreneurs to raise money and build expertise, leading them towards additional future funding or buy-out.

Durga has more than twenty years experience in the critical early stages of startups – with skilled emphasis on creation, management, business development, marketing and sales.

Durga’s entrepreneurship, marketing and advertising experience began with DD Advertising in 1987. She soon ventured into technology by joining Indigo Technologies, a company that helped automate stock exchanges around the world. She then built Innova Solutions as Co-Founder and Vice-President of Sales. From there, her career took her to NetScaler as Director of Channel Sales. Both Innova Solutions and NetScaler were subsequently acquired.

Most recently she was founder and VP sales of vMobo Inc,and prior to vMobo, Durga was Co-Founder and COO at Paypod, an advertising technology platform that was later bought out in 2007. All her previous companies have been successfully acquired; a testimony to an amazing track record of her strengths in creation, management and development of valuable startups.

When not hitting homeruns in the business world, Durga hits sixes and fours playing for the U.S. Women’s Cricket Team. An active world traveler, she can also be found in some remote corner of Africa hunting tigers (with a camera), smelling coffee beans at her resort in South India or visiting friends in different parts of the world. She is a passionategolfer and newly initiated sailor.

Durga brings to dasStar an amazing wealth of experience from years of managing successful startups. A continuous initiator of revenue generating concepts, she possesses an innate understanding of the market pulse at ground level.



16 + experience in General Management, Marketing and retail, he brings sets required to manage retail expansion and experience of managing front end teams as Head Retail for Hidesign brand.


Kishore Reddy-Dasstar Advisory

Kishore Reddy

Kishore began his career at 18 years of age, with his own FMCG firm selling biscuits and fruit juices to various markets in Bangalore. In 1984, Kishore started an engineering marketing firm, developing components for the defence, aerospace and automotive industries.

By 1994, the consumer market was rapidly expanding, and for the next 10 years, Kishore concentrated on growing the Raymond presence, solidify the company’s position as a market leader, well ahead of its competitors. In 1998 Kishore launched a casual clothing brand “Parx”, in Tamilnadu and Kerala and has since gone on to hit record sales year after year.

Engineering had always been a passion and this resulted in a move towards marketing JK Files, a subsidiary of Raymond Ltd., where Kishore set up one of the largest distribution channels for the hardware and tool industry. Since then, JK Files & Tools has become the world’s largest manufacturer of steel files in the world with a global market share surpassing 30% in the files industry

Sunil Punch-Dasstar Advisory

Sunil Buch

Sunil is a business veteran with over 2 decades of outstanding general management experience in marketing, advertising, sales, retail, and startup companies. His professional career crossed paths with renowned brands including Colgate Gel, Palmolive, Parachute, Thums Up, Knorr, State Bank of India, and Reliance world to name a few. He is also credited with creating business categories of Video Conferencing & Digital Electronic New Gathering.

He was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Venture Capitalists in 2005, 2006 and 2008. He also founded three successful Technology Venture Corporations (TVC’s). He is passionate about creating profitable brand led businesses through what he calls “Thought Leadership in the Media, Entertainment and Retail Sectors”.


Debashish Ghosh

Debashish Ghosh has over 25 years experience in the Times Group, ex CEO of Zee Digital and now currently COO at Le Eco Mobiles.


Ranga Iyer

Ranga Iyer is a veteran of the Pharma industry, Ex CEO of Wyeth Lederle with immense experience in corporate and large size businesses.


Mani Subramaniam

Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in setting up Banking Global Offshoring Hub for Operations and Technology, Governance & Control and building a strong Stakeholder Management.