Today’s vision shapes tomorrow’s world. Everything begins with a dream. “To see the world, not as it is, but as it should be.” Is quoted from Don Quixote and lies at the core of dasStar’s mission. Vision is the basis for positive change, the urge that drives people, countries and worlds to new and better paces, to uncharted territories whether in the fields of technology, social reform or economic prosperity. Vision is the beginning of something new.


dasStar’s dream is to position itself as India’s first, premier Mentor-Leadership based investment fund by creating an eco-system that allows entrepreneurs, world class mentors, advisors and financiers to collaborate, thus challenging and directing each new enterprise to rise as stars, creating value for the nation’s economic and societal well being whilstgenerating sustainable value for company shareholders.


dasStar ventures believes it is our responsibility to ensure that all businesses we partner with, are successful.

Our entire model of funding is participative.

We firmly believe that businesses need the right partners to succeed and that our model of leadership/ partnering is the only way to guarantee that each business reaches it's goals.

Success begins with a DREAM. It is made tangible by INNOVATION, fueled by OPPORTUNITY, sustained by VALUE and monitored by RESPONSIBILITY.