Laundry Project - CEO

"Whether the dimension is financial, intellectual, technical or emotional, dasStar has a plugin that connects you with an ecosystem to enhance strengths and mitigate weakness".

Balachandar R on dasStar’s uniqueness

Answerz Digital - CEO

"dasStar brought in a lot of time tested processes - financial and otherwise along with its investment. This really helped us re-engineer and set ourseleves up for the future"

Sakthikkumaran on dasStar's Transformative impact

Supra Energy - CEO

"dasStar will bring in enhanced governance and financial prudence. They will bring down distress and bring in eustress and make us a brand to reckon with!"

Suresh Kamat on dasStar's Perceived Value Add

SideFx - CEO

"dasStar has some very important values like, they are participative in nature and they realize that the people running the business have some great skills but need support in some areas"

Amit Rathore on dasStar as a participative investor.

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