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If you are aware of meditation and practice it, then you already are aware of all its benefits and how helpful it is for you to lead a healthier life. If you are not practicing meditation yet, it is time to make a start now.

Meditations offered by Ashtar Tashi, will not only bring calm to your mind and body but will re-charge your spirit.

These meditations help you ground your energies and help you connect with your inner self. By bringing the mind and body into sync, the meditations help you enhance your relationship with your higher self. This helps remove negative emotions and expressions such as agitation, fear, anger, depression, low self-esteem, lack of self-love and many more.

These are the demons created by our mind in times of desperation and meditation is the best weapon or tool that can help us release ourselves from the clutches that bind us and stop our soul from the very essential path of evolution. When we let go of all negativities, we become free and help our higher self soar even higher. In this way we explore our true potentials and fulfill the destiny of our souls.

If we have the potential to do so much and meditation can light up the path we walk on, then why not start the healing process right now!

Once you practice meditations you open yourself to solutions that help you recover from many setbacks. There specific meditations for every purpose and Ashtar Tashi’s tailor-made meditations resonate with the person doing them and give the feeling of betterment.These specially designed meditations work perfectly in tandem with bringing balance in one’s life, while healing issues at a deeper level.

When done regularly, these meditations offer the opportunity to explore one’s true potential and move from a state of non-action to one of taking positive action to improve one’s life on a long-term basis. These meditations can be made a part of one’s lifestyle without any pressure of result since each person’s journey is oriented towards finding one’s personal “soul-goal”. Each one explores and experiences their path and their destination in their own time.

Knowing that one is becoming more empowered through these meditations is the key to enjoying the process of inner growth. The journey then becomes enjoyable and that is the key to happiness rather than struggling to reach a destination. Meditations help light the lamp of the spirit, bringing joy to life and that is exactly what we need in today’s world.

  • Sessions for : Personal Meditation with Ashtar tashi
  • Duration : 1 Hour ( By Appointment Only )
  • Exchange Per Session : INR 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only)
  • Sessions for : Meditation on Skype
  • Duration : 1 Hour ( By Appointment Only )
  • Exchange Per Session : INR 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only)
  • Sessions for : Group Meditation (minimum group size : 5 persons)
  • Duration : 1 Hour ( By Appointment Only )
  • Exchange Per person / per session : INR 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only.