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Many of you must be meditators already and some may want to start now. This is the best decision you would make for a healthy mind body and spirit. There are meditations for all kinds of goals but you have to start at the right place.What I mean by this is that when people come to me to learn meditations they come with a knowledge brought forth from someplace else. Unfortunately, sometimes this knowledge goes against them. The meditation process is not about going into trance or a peaceful state alone. It is also not about “seeing” visions and colors and floating in another dimension. That may all seem good and happy. But that is also a dangerous place to be for the uninitiated.

To begin with, Meditations offered by Ashtar Tashi, help you ground your energies and help you connect with your
inner self. By bringing the mind and body into sync, the meditations help you enhance your relationship with your higher self.This helps remove negative emotions and expressions such as agitation, fear, anger, depression, low self-esteem, lack of self-love and many more.
There are specific meditations for all kinds of needs.
The simplicity , clarity and unconditional love that pours forth from Ashtar Tashi in all the meditations soothe your mind and help you go into a deeper state of calm and healing.

You are welcome to send us your questions in the Q&A section of the NEWSLETTER and also suggestions as to what more you would like to share and learn.

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You can ask your questions in the Q&A section in the Newsletter
and Ashtar Tashi would be happy to clear your doubts.