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ARCHANGEL METATRON wants you to come into balance before the beginning of the New Year. This balance can be achieved through simple shifts. In your physical , mental ,emotional and spiritual states. These changes must be made consciously.  Starting with looking after your needs. Through exercise, better eating habits, time management, meditation and prayer. De-clutter your physical , mental and emotional spaces. Remove what is not beneficial to you anymore.  Work on your chakras by doing a cleansing and balancing exercise.

Use healing crystals on your body or your environment to help you in this process. Have you noticed the universe is giving us too many messages about letting go of what we don’t need. It’s amazing because this could mean that we are being readied for something huge and very important in 2018!  Start the work now!

Call on ARCHANGEL METATRON to help you understand what you need clearing and balancing with and how to do it. Sit in silence and just ask the archangel to guide you. Be specific and not ambiguous. Your questions shall be answered and you shall get the guidance you seek.

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY: I am ready for clearing of my body mind and spirit. I am free from unwanted energies. I am cleansed and balanced in all my bodies and my environment. I am that I am  So Be It and So It Is  Book yourself for a chakra cleansing and balancing session with crystals. WhatsApp/email for appointments.

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