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Its been two to three years I have known Ashtar Tashi, and just the thought that she is there has been a blessing in it self, When we met three years ago we were really going down under financially , selling our home , business going really bad , and I was also working only for my family. Tashi gave an insight as to how to change a few patterns in our life and we got back on our feet pretty quickly after that , this year again was a struggle for my husband big time but with so much positivity from her side , and the way she takes us through this journey called life , has gotten our hopes soaring high again and I know for certain everything will work out very soon. Just meeting Ashtar Tashi itself, and talking with her solves everything for me ,which is such a positive way of living I feel, and thank her so much for giving me and my husband this lifeline………love always.

Summit & Jagmeet Grover

Architect & Engineer, New Delhi

The very first moment I saw Ashtar Tashi, I knew she is someone very special! We connected with each other immediately, and that was 8 years ago, when we lived in Pune. Ever since, she has been a guiding light in our lives, across the oceans. She goes out of her way to reach out to us in many kind and generous ways. I always look forward to her fortnightly Goddess forecast videos. They give us a lot of optimism and focus during challenging times, and keep us working towards our greater mission. Thanks you, Ashtar Tashi, for being there for us whenever you are needed the most! 


Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Singapore

Ashtar Tashi,
I always think of her as an angel. She met me as a parent of my student, whom i was supposed to teach Kathak (Indian Classical Dance) but eventually ended up learning how to live my life to the fullest from her. The only session with her was like looking into a mirror; where I not only saw my strengths, my beauty, my abilities, my talent but also my weaknesses. She was the one who told me ‘its ok to be weak, “Change achhaa hotaa hai. Hamesha perfect rehke bore ho jaaogi.” :))
(loosely translated that means, “its ok to be weak. Change is good for you. you will get bored of being perfect all the time!”)
I remember this almost everyday, enjoying every ‘change’ in my life… 🙂
Ashtar Tashi, if it wasn’t for you, I would have been somebody else. Probably I would not have not been here in this world to write this…..

Will always love you..

Sukhada Khandkekar

Psychologist, Dancer & Actress, Mumbai